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Our Belief

With over 40 years combined experience have made us masters in providing defect-ˇfree security solutions, tailor- made to suit the individual needs of businesses large and small. You can rely on us to plan your security arrangements meticulously and execute them with military precision. We offer a complete security management service, reporting directly to you with regular updates, reports and service evaluations.

The service may include the planning, introduction and implementation of a completely new security solution designed specifically for you.

Alternatively it may include restructuring and updating an existing operation that is failing to meet your needs. With RootSearch Security Nigeria Limited you'll be secure in the knowledge that you made the right choice.

Michael A Temilade | Chief Executive Officer | RootSearch Security Nigeria Limited.

Our Mission & Values

We were built on integrity and honesty; these remain at the core of our values.
Our aims are to:

  • Provide a superior and innovative level of security that fully satisfies the needs and aspirations of our clients.
  • Provide a safe, motivational and inspiring environment for our staff, our clients and their staff.
  • Meet our promise to retain our integrity and honesty in dealing with our clients, our suppliers, our employees and the public.

Invest in our future success in building a sustainable business with customer satisfaction, retain our proven reputation within the industry, this we believe is best served by measured competence and efficiency.


To consistently provide superior security solutions using the most modern technology, well trained and motivated staff to make us most sought after Security Company.


To remain the number one provider of professional security solutions in Nigeria, using competent personnel and superior resources.

Case Studies


We hired Rootsearch Security Last year to find out whether our driver who we hired from word of mouth did actually have the credentials he claimed to have and also to find out where him and he’s family are from. Rootsearch Security went as far as Togo to trace this individual’s family and also past employers and returned a full dossier with information we never expected. This company is very thorough and precise! They are run and organised like a western Company working out of West Africa. I would definitely recommend them and encourage people to use them.


Rootsearch provided us with the topmost service for our wedding. They organised our security for our two days of celebration and they were faultless and extremely proffessional in carrying out their duties while being courteous to our guests. We already recommended them to 3 other couples who have also used them with equal success.

(Mrs Akomolede Lagos State)


A client of our’s was running for office and had death threats leved against him, we heard of Rootsearch Security from a high placing lawyer in our camp and decided to give them a call. They organised two of their best agents to be in abuja in less than 24hrs after the initial call. Their professionalism was something that stood out most and their ability to blend in with the crowd as not to attract negative press nor to alarm the greeting public. Their private personal security (PPS) is of the highest calibre and would recommend them to any dignitary wanting protection without it being loud and noticeable.
(Head Security Camp X)

Our Team

Mr Michael A Temilade

An intelligence based scholar with a background in criminal intelligence. He has put together a team of like mind individuals who have taken a mantel to help secure and provide intel to both corporate and individual client in and around West Africa.

Colonel ​ Gboyega olowomeye

Serving member of the Nigerian Armed Forces.

Major Bidemi Ogidan

Over 15 years of military experience and still a serving member of the prestigious Nigerian Armed Forces. He is an expert in Counter Terrorism/Insurgency Operations, Intelligence gathering and peacekeeping.

Barrister Ademola Adesina

Our legal advisor who has been a lawyer for a number of years and an integral part of the team.

Mr dele adesina SAN

Has practiced law for 31 years and has run the law firm Adesina And Co for over of 20 years.Dele Adesina (SAN) is a life member of the National Executive Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association and a past General Secretary of the Association. He is also a past Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association, Ikeja Branch and a former member of the Nigerian Legal Aid Council. He is a member of the Business Law Section of the International Bar Association and a member of the Negotiation and Conflict Management Group an alternative dispute resolution organisation based in Nigeria. A member of the distinguished Body of Benchers, the highest regulatory body in the legal profession. Mr. Dele Adesina (SAN) was elevated to the prestigious rank of a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) - the highest recognition of excellency in the legal profession by the Legal Practitioners Privileges Committee on the 30th of October, 2007 at the Supreme Court of Nigeria.