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CPU - Close Protection Unit

Using some of the world's finest Close Protection Officers, we are able to provide you and your staff with an individual or a team to safeguard life. RootSearch Security Nigeria Limited is recognized as a premier provider of top quality Personnel protection in conjunction with the provision of its security services.

All of our operators have served in the Prestigious Nigerian Army or been trained by ex service men of the Nigerian Army.RootSearch Security Nigeria Limited deploys either experienced individuals or bespoke experienced teams in support of specialist operations, on either long or short-term assignments. Our Teams have extensive experience in Supplying security services to Diplomats, High Net Worth Individuals, VIPs, corporate Clients and conglomerates.

CPU: Today, close protection gains more and more popularity. With the development of civilization and social changes of the social system in many countries around the world, this challenging profession has evolved and constantly updates to the highest security standards.
Close protection - involves guaranteed security, which is carried out in accordance with wishes and possibilities of the client. Close protection specialists gather information about the environmental factors that have a negative impact on the client, analyze the travel routes, the area of residence and frequent visited places, make recommendations on how to deal with potential threats and take all the necessary measures to increase security.
Rootsearch Security offers cost effective close protection services that will suit any interested individual. We are here to assist you at every step in choosing the best protection officers who can guarantee you complete professionalism, confidentiality and high standards skills.

VIP close protection offers a package of measures that aims at making the client’s life and activity safe and protection.

The quality of our protection services are ensured by our professionally trained staff that has the highest standards of training, vast experience, different types of skills, and the ability to take quick and efficient decisions in emergency situations, prompt reaction and self-discipline. These are the most important qualities needed for people who are responsible for someone's life.

We provide personal protection for the client in accordance with all his requirements and preferences. Even if the cost of the service is not cheap, it is worth it because it is an investment in your protection. Ordering VIP close protection services you can get back to business, relax and be sure of you and your family safety.

VIP close protection task is to keep your peace of mind and allow you to concentrate all your attention on other important things without having to worry about personal safety because it is our responsibility to be there and to take care of it.