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RootSearch Services


RootSearch Security can provide private investigators, private detectives as well as security services for public, commercial and corporate clients. In addition, RootSearch Security can also provide private investigators and private detectives for cases, which potentially could result in criminal / civil proceedings. This includes, matrimonial or family disputes, unlawful insurance claims or legal matters surrounding employees.
In addition, RootSearch Security Nigeria Limited Investigation Department has extensive experience in carrying out international assignments. All staff, both male and female, are highly experienced, professional, and come from a military background. Whatever your circumstances, RootSearch Security will provide you with a discreet, professional, efficient and confidential service. We are flexible and competitively priced to suit all requirements and budgets.

Today, the service of investigators is in demand and extremely popular in the world. The help of private investigators seek not only separate individuals and various companies, but also “the higher authorities." Our professional experience allows us to solve a range of problems and issues that arise in various fields.

The main specializations of our registered investigators are observing, obtaining and verifying information about people, legal entities, and partners, civil and criminal cases. Our activities are:

  • Collect and analyze the information about public morality and behavior of a specific person
    (entourage, vices, dependency, etc.), except for those in respect of which the investigation is prohibited by law.
  • Collect data on the reliability and creditworthiness of individuals or legal entities.
  • Search for missing relatives or other persons, set lost due to various reasons.
  • Ensure the security and privacy of information in the activities of individuals and legal entities.
  • ​Examine objects and identify channels of information leakage.
  • ​Collect information about the assets and values that appear in civil or criminal cases.
  • ​Search for and identify the persons - witnesses of the events which are the subject of court proceedings.
  • nvestigate real estate matters related to mortgage, cadastral, inheritance and others.
  • ​Check out the activities of company personnel, where may be a suspicion of disloyalty, and more.

The above services are only some examples of what we can deal with. Please, feel free to contact us and we will do everything possible to solve your problem in a confidential and legal manner. All our staff is recruited from professional police and military backgrounds which are highly skilled specialists that can guarantee the high quality of service. We keep clients totally informed and updated on events as they unfold. Our surveillance equipment resources are unique and efficient which help us to gather accurate data.

It is important to know - before turning to the private detective:
  • We do not work with clients who do not provide any information about themselves;
  • We guarantee the confidentiality of information received by us in the course of surveillance;
  • We guarantee absolute loyalty to the client.