RootSearch Services

At RootSearch Security Nigeria Limited, we do everything necessary to ensure that the quality of protection that you and your family receive is of the highest caliber.Background checks have become a routine but integral part of the recruitment and hiring process. Employers use these controls to have potential workers and to ensure that the information provided by applicants is truthful. Background checks protect the interest of the organization and the safety of other employees. Most employers, including small businesses are using background checks to ensure they make sound hiring decisions. Because we integrate all our services, we can deduce the most accurate picture of what is happening in the life of the person in question.
In RootSearch we delve into the last years of an individual climate, be it domestic or professional staff. We send our trained psychologist and detective where necessary to confirm the details and verify the information provided by our clients.
  • Background check {national / professional} (intermediate package and superior package)
  • We conduct research in all 36 states in Nigeria.
  • We specialize in counterfeiting, cybercrime, parallel imports, tracking omission, economic crimes, forensic analysis and much more.
  • We can practically investigate any crime within Nigeria and his or her environment.